From Sport Fisherman to Cruiser...
Ocean Racer to Workboat

FloScan Marine Fuel Computers have become essential equipment to a wide range of gas and diesel boat owners. Sport fishermen, cruisers, patrol boats, oceran racers, commercial fishing boats, tugboats, and mega yachts have all found fuel computers irreplaceable as an effective tool for fuel management. Sport fishermen venturing offshore with limited fuel capacity now know exactly how much fuel they are burning and how much is left in their tanks. So the decision to fish one more hotspot is no longer fraught with peril as it was when all they had was a bouncing fuel gauge.

Ocean race boats have plenty of tank capacity but must carry as little fuel as possible to minimize the total weight and yet enough to cross the finish line. In fact, an extra 200 pounds of fuel can cut top speed by 1MPH and possibly cost you the race. The champion of the Super Boat Class "INXS", has fuel management down to a science using six FloScan HI-Capacity Systems - three on the main 1200 hp gas engines and three on the transfer lines feedig the stern tanks. "INXS" carries 450-490 gallons of fuel for a race and has finished with as little as 5 gallons in the tank... a testimony to the accuracy of a FloScan System.

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