Run Without Fear of Empty Fuel Tanks

Adventure without misadventure

How many times have you hesitated to try new grounds or stay our longer because you couldn't trust Your fuel tank gauges?

Introducing a remarkable tool that'll give you more fishing and greater range with no fuel worries. Plus, it pays for itself: The FloScan Fuel Computer.

FloScan Fuel Computers show exact fuel use

FloScan Fuel Computers show exactly how much fuel you've used, and how fast you're using it.

Rather than trying to measure what's sloshing around in your tanks, FloScan's electronic sensors determine fuel flow right at your engine. And the computerized display indicates precise consumption totals. There's no guesswork.

Unlike fluctuating fuel tank float gauges, you receive immediate, accurate data. No matter how rough the seas, no matter how many tanks or engines in your boat.

For less than the cost of a tow

A FloScan Fuel Computer pays for itself in fuel savings alone. You can easily set your boat's most efficient speed by watching your FloScan to see how fuel usage varies at different speeds and running conditions. Most skippers can save 10%-15% on their fuel bill, so the serious fisherman/cruise can pay for his FloScan in less than a season.

Something else to consider: a FloScan Fuel Computer costs less than a typical sea tow if you run out of fuel. (Think of it as an insurance policy with an automatic dividend of more fishing and real dollar savings.)

Monitors your boat's heartbeat

A FloScan Fuel Computer serves as a watchdog on engine performance. For example, if your GPH or MPH increases from what you've already determined to be a efficient operating level, you'll know something's amiss - nicked prop, fouled hull, engine problem, etc. Even something as simple as a defective spark plug can up your fuel consumption by 20-40%, with no other noticeable change in engine operation.

Fail-safe observer

FloScan Flow Sensors are fail-safe. With the same opto-electronic technology used by the safety-driven aviation industry (FloScan's are virtually the only fuel flow sensors given FAA approval for use in general aviation aircraft), our fuel computers have a scant margin of error of less than 2% with on-board calibration.

Tough, durable components like sapphire rotor bearings, precision aluminum die-castings, and gold-plated detectors perform in seas nasty enough to drive barracudas below decks.

Outboards to diesel cruisers

FloScan has a model for just about every gasoline engine built, from single outboards to high-performance inboards(EFI engines with return lines are the only exception.

And our diesel models are the first affordable diesel fuel monitoring systems in the marine world, priced about 75% less than any comparable competitive product. We'll match the system to your engine. All we need is your make and model.

International leaders in fuel flow technology

We've been connected to some well-known engines. FloScan is the world's #1 producer of fuel flow sensor systems - over 500,000 used on cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes. (As a matter of fact, we invented them for each of these industries.)

Mercury Marine uses our fuel flow instruments to test engines. So does Power and Motoryacht Magazine for their boat test reports.

Over the road, in the air

There are more than 70,000 FloScan sensors aboard such aircraft as Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft, and such trucks as Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, and International.

Remember in 1986, the record-breaking, non-stop, around-the-world flight of the "Voyager'" in whichg error-free fuel monitoring was absolutely paramount to the mission? Pilots Yeager and Rutan were guided by FloScan fuel flow meters. We'll give you the sa me security at sea.

Whether you're fishing the Canyons, the Keys, Cabo, Catalina, or the Kenai, FloScan can extend your range and give you peace of mind - with an instrument that pays for itself.

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