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Custom Halibut Fishing Rods

Custom Halibut Rod model #JBSS30100-L-Bait/Jigging 6-feet long

This awesome rod is lightweight, features an aluminum reel seat, heavy duty guides, triangular grips, gimbal and a sensitive rod tip to feel light bites when halibut mouth the bait. This is a one piece, six-foot long rod and will handle jigs or weights to 32-ounces. Great for halibut, lingcod, sturgeon or other blue water species. If you like bait fishing or jigging for shallow or deep water Halibut or Lingcod this rod is perfect for you. This rod is perfect for Alaskan anglers who love jigging with metal jigs, leadhead jigs or anglers who use circle hooks and bait. This rod is best suited for depths from shallow to 750-feet deep while using 30 to 100-pound braided line. The aluminum gimbal lets anglers lock the rod into a fighting belt which makes it much easier to fight fish or to get the lures/baits back to the surface. The guides on this rod are heavy duty. The blank is a one-piece composite with sensitivity and backbone to handle small to large fish. The triangular grip is large and easy to hold and won't slip out of your hands. This is an introductory price offer.

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