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Southeast Alaska's Best Small Cruise Ship Company with Innersea Discoveries Cruises

By John L. Beath

Innersea Discoveries Cruises is a unique cruise company based in Seattle Washington. During summer months this cruise company provides a totally unique, hands-on, feet-wet adventure cruise they call an "Un-Cruise."

Last month my wife Lois and I experienced this cruise with a group of travel writers. We began our 7-day cruise in Juneau Alaska, boarded the vessel and sat back as the 122-foot small yacht got underway. Within an hour we began seeing humpback whales as we cruised south. Unlike most Alaskan cruises, this cruise ship slowed down, stopped and let passengers listen to humpback whales as they gulped and gasped for air before diving deep in search of food. With no other vessels or humans within miles, the wilderness scene could not be beat.

Sounds of mega-ton whales breaching and landing with canon strength bangs echoed across the water. With eyes closed it sounded more like a fireworks display or overhead thunderstorm. With eyes wide open nature's unrehearsed “Nature Play” kept everyone aboard spellbound. Dozens of whale within sight breached or slapped their massively long fins against the water. Others arched over sending their wide black tails sweeping upward with water gushes of streaming saltwater spilling off their tails like a whale waterfall. Our whale watch stop lasted over an hour before the boat continued south, toward our first quiet, secluded cove.

Each morning a new Alaskan wilderness bay or cove surrounded the boat with a majestic beauty most cruise ship guests never experience. After a hearty breakfast guests have the choice of relaxing aboard the yacht, kayaking, hiking, fishing, skiff tours or any combination. With Innersea Discoveries Cruises cruise guests experience real-life, real-nature that Southeast Alaska offers. The ship even provides “Alaskan Tennis Shoes” aka rubber boots. If it rains, which it likely will, they also provide raingear. No excuses to not experience and enjoy Southeast Alaska as it should be experienced, from ground or water level.

One of the highlights of the trip for me happened while kayak fishing with a 3 ˝ ounce green/pearl Point Wilson Dart Jig. While daydreaming and enjoying the quiet and greenery surrounding Ideal Cove Alaska, my arm kept twitching the jig just above bottom, 90-feet below my kayak. On an upward stroke of the jig something big grabbed the jig, shook its head and yanked line off my spinning reel loaded with 30-pound Spectra line. At that instant thoughts of fresh halibut for dinner raced through my mind. After 30 minutes of fighting the halibut, bringing it from bottom to surface, round trip three times, the fish finally tired out enough to subdue. The 50-inch long halibut weighed 60-pounds and gave me three saltwater showers during the battle.

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