April 2013 

Halibut.net Squiddy Squid Special Offer
Squiddy Squids are six inches long and have a hollow body. They come fully rigged with two J hooks and glow tubing between the hooks. For an added attractor use the chemical light sticks inside the Squiddy Squid to make the squid "Bio Luminous" just like a real squid. Halibut, lingcod, rockfish and many other species of fish love these squids.

This special offer is for Halibut.net

Newsletter readers only.

Limit 3 specials per person as supplies are limited

Here's what you get in the Squiddy Squid Value Pack    
3 UV Fully Rigged Squiddy Squids  
6 Size 39m Two Packs of Chemical Light Sticks  
3 Size 50m Two Packs of Chemical Light Sticks (Not Shown)   This Special Offer Ships Via
2 Water Activated Underwater Lights, 1 UV & 1 White   U.S.P.S. Priority Mail
1 Packages of UV Tubing   For This Offer We Only Ship
1 Packages of Glow Tubing   To Anywhere In The U.S.
2 Three Packs of Medium Corkscrew Swivels    
1 12 Pack of Large Glow Beads (They Float)   Foreign Customers Will Be
Bonus, 2 Pack of UV mini FAT Squids (Not Shown)   Required To Pay Additional
Total Value $71.00   Postage. Shipping To Canada
Special Halibut.net Newsletter Offer $50.00 + $5 Shipping   Costs $10 More