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Halibut Recipes 
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 Great recipes from cheftochef.net 
61. Mediterranean-Style Halibut
62. Poached Alaska Halibut With Shrimp Sauce
63. Seared Halibut In A Lobster Broth (Wash)
64. Seared Halibut With Citrus Sauce
65. Sesame Crusted Halibut
66. Sesame Crusted Halibut With Ginger Vinaigrette
67. Sherry Herbed Halibut
68. Steamed Halibut With Ginger Carrots
69. Sweet And Sour Halibut
70. Sweet Corn And Halibut Tamales
71. Swordfish And Halibut Steak Duxelles
72. Tender-Touch Halibut Steaks
73. Teriyaki Grilled Halibut
74. White Miso Halibut Marinated With Shiitake
75. White Wine Dijon Halibut With Peas & Pearl Onions And Roaste
76. Baked Blue Cheese Halibut (Oregon)
77. Baked Halibut
78. Baked Halibut And Smoked Salmon W/Corn & Asparagus Salsa
79. Baked Halibut Limone
80. Baked Halibut On Bed Of Cabbage
81. Baked Halibut Provencal
82. Baked Halibut Steaks With Tomato-Wine Sauce
83. Baked Halibut With Asparagus
84. Baked Halibut With Coconut And Cashews
85. Baked Halibut With Herbed Dressing And Egg Mustard Sauce
86. Bbq Halibut Steaks
87. Broiled Halibut Steaks With Mustard Coating
88. Chili-Spiced Halibut Steaks
89. Crunchy Bacon Crusted Halibut
90. Deviled Halibut

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If you have a great halibut recipe you'd like to share we'd love to add it to the rest of our great halibut recipes. To send your favorite halibut recipe or other seafood recipe that includes halibut e-mail it to us and we'll enter you into our recipe contest, which will be judge every year. The prize will be announced later, but it will be something having to do with Pacific halibut.

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