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John Beath's famous Trophy Torch underwater lights will help you...

* Catch BIGGER fish!

* Catch more fish!

* Catch fish when nothing else seems to attract halibut!

* The Trophy Torch & Glow Torch will "Light The Way"

These wonderful underwater lights can be used over and over again. Research and experience have proven that light attracts fish. John Beath's variety of Trophy Torch lights will help to attract more halibut more often. Here's what Chris Batin, author of How To Catch Trophy Halibut has to say. "The more I used the Trophy Torch and saw it in the water, the more convinced I was in how effective it is. I use them every time I go halibut fishing!"

UV underwater fishing lights! The First UV underwater lights made!!!

Science has proven that many species of fish can see a much greater frequency of light. Halibut & salmon, for instance, can see Ultra-Violet rays. The standard “visible” light spectrum for humans is 700 nanometers (abbreviated nm) to approximately 400 nm and known as ROYGBIV, which stands for (R), orange (O), yellow (Y), green (G), blue (B), indigo (I), and violet (V). The higher the frequency the deeper it will travel in the water column. In nanometers, lower numbers have higher frequencies of light that penetrate the water column deeper than higher frequencies of light. For example, Red 700 nm, orange 630, yellow 550, green 500, blue 450, violet 400 represents the spectrum of light that penetrates shallowest to deepest. Standard light is pure white, but shined through a prism the light separates into the individual colors above. The absence of all frequency of light is black. Black, technically is not an actual color, as it has no frequency.

The UV Trophy Torch, Diamond Light, Glow Light Wand & Inline Trophy Torch will help attract fish from as far as 700 feet away. While the UV light does not seem bright to the human eye, it sends it wavelength in all directions underwater, creating the most powerful light to attract fish of all species.

Directions for Trophy Torches

The Trophy Torch attracts more bottomfish, shrimp and crab because it lights the way. Fish really can see the light and in their normally pitch black environment the Trophy Torch gives you the advantage of the attracting POWER of the Trophy Torch’s light.

Your new Trophy Torch takes a AA battery, which lasts for approximately 16 to 24 hours continuous use, depending on water temperature and quality of battery. The Trophy Torch is made of high-strength plastic coupled with an O ring which enables you to send the Trophy Torch all the way to 1,200 feet!

All you need to remember is to ALWAYS twist the Trophy Torch tight, which activates the battery and seals the unit watertight. Between uses it’s recommended that you leave the light on, otherwise you might forget to reseal the Trophy Torch, which might damage the light bulb.

Unlike other underwater lights, the Trophy Torch can be used over and over again. All you need to do is replace the battery.

Your Trophy Torch works best when placed above the bait or lure. If you are using the Trophy Torch in a crab or shrimp pot, attach the light in the center of the pot, above the bait.

Water-activated Diamond lights & the In-line Torch will last approximately 250 hours. These are great lights, and offer a smaller profile, making them easier to clip on to different tackle. The Glow Light-Wand, is a very special light. Its body is glow and the light shines through the glow body, illuminating it and giving it a lifelike look. The UV model, while making the body glow, also sends its powerful UV rays in all directions. You can also insert the Glow Light-Wand into plastic squids or other artificial lures.

Enjoy your new underwater light! Before using always check the local regulations. In British Columbia the Trophy Torch is legal as long as you keep in within 1 meter (39.37 inches) of the fishing hook.

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