John L. Beath's Mini Trophy Torch

Water-activated underwater fishing lights

This brand new underwater fishing light is bullet proof and activates itself when it goes underwater. The Mini Trophy Torch comes in two light frequencies, Ultra Violet & White light. The battery lasts between 250 & 350 hours, depending on water temperature. Attaching the water-activated Mini Trophy Torch is easy. Just use a swivel clip or attach it to an existing swivel on your line. These underwater lights can easily be attached to the UV spreader bars by attaching them to the corkscrew swivel on the leader arm of the spreader bar. If jigging, you can use a "tag line" for best results. To use a tag line you need to have your mainline tie off to a main swivel, where you also attach the water-activated underwater light. You should then use a two to three foot piece of monofilament that is of less breaking strength than your mainline. Attach this tag line to the mainline swivel and to your jig. Depending on the jig, you may also choose to attach an additional swivel to the tagline where you attach the jig. This can help you switch jigs quickly. Good luck, and enjoy using your new water-activated Mini Trophy Torch.