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Andy Mezirow, owner of Cracker Jack Charters in Seward Alaska prides himself in providing one of the best halibut fishing experience in North America. Halibut.net has approved Cracker Jack Charters through the experience of halibut.net advisor, Chris Batin, who owns and operates Alaska Angler Publications. Batin has fished with Cracker Jack Charters on several occasions and reports that Mezirow is one of the most knowledgeable halibut fishing charter captains in Alaska. He also says Cracker Jack Charters fulfills expectations of anglers who want a quality experience while fishing for halibut in Alaska's prime halibut waters. If you'd like more information about Cracker Jack Charters drop us a line... click here 

166 pound halibut caught on #30 pound mono by Joanne Dollerhide of Wasilla Alaska while fishing with Crackerjack Charters of Seward Alaska 


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