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Halibut Big Catches Photo Gallery

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Let halibut.net know about your great halibut catch. While some halibut anglers might think a big halibut catch would be a 300 pound halibut, we realize a big catch might be a 50 pounder because of where you caught the halibut.

We want to share your big halibut catch photos with everyone. Simply E-mail them to us and we'll post them here at Halibut Big Catches.

If you don't have a photo, you can share your catch information without the photo of the monster halibut.  We'd also like to recognize all of the halibut anglers who practice catch and release on big female halibut.  That's right, halibut over 100 pounds are typically females and very important to the resource. Here at halibut.net we encourage conservation of your catch to further promote a strong and healthy halibut population throughout the west coast.

11 year old Kenny Pearson of Ketchikan, Alaska with his first halibut. It was caught on December 26, 2000 in 80 feet of water on a 3 ounce PA Striker jig. It weighed 22 pounds.


Don't you wish you could catch halibut like this? Click here.  It is possible, if you choose the right guide or you do your homework to learn more about Pacific halibut. At halibut.net you'll learn lots of great information about halibut, but your input will help too! Please share your halibut fishing techniques with everyone.  Hey, we aren't asking for your hotspot, not that we won't accept it, we just want to bring halibut anglers together, and share information and photos.

This halibut was caught while fishing with Cracker Jack Charters in Seward Alaska. Remember, if you want to catch jumbo halibut like this you must choose the right halibut fishing guide. If you need help choosing a halibut fishing guide let halibut.net help you find the right guide for halibut fishing to meet your needs and expectations. And if you have suggestions about halibut fishing guides please go to the halibut bulletin board click here, and share your experiences with others.

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