halibut fishing in Washington State.

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Washington's Top Ten Halibut Hotspots

1. Neah Bay area. Whether you run out to Swiftsure, Blue Dot, Compass Rose or simply fish behind Tatoosh Island, your chances of bringing home a butt are the best in the state here. Call TommyCod Charters at, 1-800-283-8900 or Big Salmon Resort in Neah Bay at, {360} 645-2374

2. Hein Bank. Iíve taken halibut along the northern slopes, ranging in depth from 220 to 300 feet deep. You could also score while fishing on top of the bank. Follow the schools of baitfish and youíll likely find a butt or two.

3. Sekiu. The sandy flats offshore from the the rivers in the area offer decent, snag free fishing. As with most areas I like, try shallow first {100 to 200 feet} and then work into deeper water, {200 to 500 feet} where most anglers never try.

4. Port Angeles. Freshwater Bay can be hot. It can also be boringly cold. But one thing is for sure, you can travel east or west and usually find something willing to bite.

5. Coyote Bank. A good chart along with a Loran or GPS will help you locate this halibut hotspot. Listen to the radio chatter and be ready to move to one of the other banks if Coyote is slow.

6. Eastern Bank. If the butts are on Hein and Coyote banks, then Eastern is a good bet as well.

7. Partridge Bank. Located on the western side of Whidbey Island, Partridge attracts large schools of candlefish, salmon and yes, halibut for those who explore the edges of the bank. On the incoming tide try the east side of the bank first. On the outgoing tide move to the west end first.

8. Salmon Bank. I like Salmon Bank because you can usually catch a blackmouth, gut it and use the entrails for bait. Iíve seen halibut all over Salmon Bank, proving these fish are largely migratory and feeding on candlefish.

9. Middle Bank. Deep flats between pinnacles present unique, but difficult areas to catch halibut. I once hooked a large halibut in a small flat and then drifted with it for a mile before it finally "parted" company and line. The expansive flats on the western end provide easier, more productive fishing for halibut and lots of lingcod.

10. Mutiny Bay. While Iíve never tried this spot, lots of anglers have told me they catch halibut every season. This area is fairly large and requires lots of exploring. Depths reported to me range from 120 to 220 feet deep.

Regardless of where you choose to chase Pacific halibut, be on the halibut grounds when the season and weather allows and you will likely feel the pulse of the Pacific Oceanís flattest, tastiest prize on the end of your line. Is there a doctor in the house? My pulse is racing with anticipation, is yours? And donít forget to hit the instant store button on your Loran or GPS as soon as you hook a fish. Think of it as a halibut heart monitor!


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