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2. Anchor where the halibut are by using the EZ Marine anchor & float system. EZ-Marine Anchor System...(503) 492-4200

3. Create a chum slick and scent field surrounding your boat

4. Change your bait every 15 to 30-minutes. Also, occasionally raise and lower your bait off the bottom a few feet to increase your scent field.

5. Search for structure. Know the bottom BEFORE you drop anchor or bait.

6. Use GPS or Loran C. to locate proven areas and too discover new potential areas.

7. Study Bathymetric charts, standard marine charts and current charts.

8. Know the top halibut baits: Salmon or mackerel heads or guts; octopus; herring; crab; cod; squid; halibut skin {white side}.

9. Use the top six jigs when bait won’t work. Lead heads; Pt.Wilson Darts; Zzingers; Dungeness Stingers; Spinnows and B2 squids.

10. Use the best colors. Glow-in-the-dark; white; orange/red; green; oil.

11. Remember, if you want really BIG BUTS, use BIG BAITS!

12. Use high quality, low stretch Spectra or Kevlar lines in 80 to 120# test.

13. Use the Trophy Torchtm to attract more fish.

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