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Halibut.net now offers an entire line of halibut fishing products, from leaders and spreader bars to halibut harpoons. Halibut.net will be adding rods & reels and many more halibut fishing products. If you'd like to see the halibut fishing product line please click on halibut fishing tackle or click here...

And as always, we feature products from other manufactures on this page. Check them out below.

Click here to learn about halibut lights

John Beath's Concentrated Super Scent was developed by halibut anglers for halibut anglers! It has the very best halibut bait ingredients including: Herring, Squid, Shrimp, Salmon, Crab & Octopus. Super Scent comes in a 4 ounce bottle of oil, tube of paste or a special "soak" formula designed to penetrate and permeate into plastic lures. The oil can be used on all bait or lures; the paste works well on artificial lures like jigs. Click here to order...

Featured product: Floscan fuel management system to enable anglers to maximize efficiency and range to reach fishing hotspots. Read why the FloScan system can save you money and help you reach far-off locales or simply save you fuel costs.

FloScan, why to use the system

History of FloScan

"Applications Unlimited"

Benefits of Using FloScan Marine Fuel Computers

FloScan Technology

FREE video from FloScan. e-mail to request the video

For more information visit their FloScan's website. Click Here.

If you know of something we should offer at the halibut.net halibut products site please let us know.

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