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Keep watching for more great halibut fishing articles. Our sponsors will soon be adding to the list of articles that will surely help to increase your catch. Halibut.net wants to make sure you learn everything you need to know about catching Pacific halibut and California halibut. While the two species are uniquely different, they do share many of the same qualities, most notably, their flat appearance. The Pacific Halibut is much larger, however, sometimes growing to well over 500 pounds. The largest known halibut is one that some Alaskan Natives captured in a gill net while fishing near Sitka Alaska. That fish, while never officially weighed, has been estimated at just over 1,100 pounds, based on it's length in the picture.

California halibut, on the other hand, don't reach much past 50 pounds. Even so, they fight with vigor and can test the toughest of tackle.

If you'd like to share some of your halibut fishing adventures we welcome your short stories or articles. At www.halibut.net we encourage everyone to share their experiences and knowledge so that we can all learn new halibut fishing techniques, halibut fishing hotspots and anything else having to do with halibut fishing.

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