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Our goal at halibut . net is to provide you with every possible halibut-related link we can find. We try to maintain as much information on site as possible, but many other great halibut fishing resources can be found on the Internet.  We hope you enjoy these great Pacific halibut links and encourage you to let us know if we should include any halibut links. We'd be glad to trade links with your fishing-related web page.

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International Pacific Halibut Commission

The History of the Pacific halibut history

Frequently Asked Questions


Fisheries and Ocean Canada

National Marine Fisheries Service Headquarters

Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Alaska Branch

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Northwest Branch

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

Pacific Fisheries Management Council

California Department of Fish & Game

North Pacific Fisheries Management Council

IPHC-related links

IHPHC-Sport Fishing seasons/limits all areas

Free brochure, Flat Out Facts about Halibut

Decadal changes in growth and recruitment of Pacific halibut  (Hippoglossus stenolepis)

Circle Hooks...why?

B.C. SportsFishing.com



Southeast Alaska Charter Fishing links

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