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Jeff Peterson shown below with a large chinook. Peterson's fishing adventures include halibut, chinook salmon, coho salmon, lingcod, crab, and many other bottomfish.

Halibut.net awards it's highest honor in 2001 to Jeff Peterson, owner/operator of Kodiak Combos in Old Harbor Alaska. "After extensive review and personally fishing with Peterson, the award was a perfect match for Peterson's operation," said John L. Beath, owner & editor of www.halibut.net.

"Of all the guides I've fished with, for halibut, bottomfish or salmon, Peterson knew his home waters better than any other guide I've fished with. And, unlike many guides, Peterson was more than happy to try new techniques. During my stay he even guided me to four I.G.F.A. flyline world records!"

The first-ever Halibut.net Guide Of The Year award took into consideration knowledge of the guide, equipment, attitude and willingness to explore new techniques. Many other factors, including previous client's comments and experience were considered before choosing Peterson for the award.

Peterson's charter boat is a diesel-powered Sea Sport with a Yamaha 4-stroke 9.9 kicker.

For more information about Jeff Peterson's Kodiak Combos in Old Harbor Alaska, visit his website at www.kodiakcombos.com 

Again, congratulations to Jeff Peterson and good luck in 2002.

The staff of halibut.net



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