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Halibut Hotspots

Top Six Halibut Haunts In North America

1. Dutch Harbor/Unalaska, because they have the largest, most, and easiest halibut available to sports anglers. Last season Mike Golat, of Unalaska boated a 395-pounder, the new IGFA all-tackle record. Another whopper weighing 439-pounds did not qualify under IGFA rules, but came within a pound of tying the Alaska state record. – Contact: The Grand Aleutian Hotel, 1-800-891-1194 or Convention & Visitors Bureau at, P.O. Box, 545, Unalaska, AK 99685, {907} 581-2612

2. Kodiak for their large halibut and shear numbers – Visitor Information Center, 100 Marine Way. Kodiak, AK 99615, {907} 486-4070

3. West side of the Queen Charlottes has an increasing number of jumbo barn doors migrating off the largely untapped Queen Charlotte Islands. Each year anglers take 200-plus pounders, Oak Bay Marine Group, {800} 663-7090

4. Craig Alaska, because they averaged a phenomenal success rate of .6 halibut per hour’s effort – Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce, {907} 826-3870

5. Homer Alaska, because it’s almost a sure bet to catch a two fish limit – Homer Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 541, Homer, AK 99827, {907} 235-5300.

6. Neah Bay Washington, when the season opens, the US side of Swiftsure Bank, in 200 to 600-feet of water, produces limits of big butts – call TommyCod Charters at, 1800-283-8900 Big Salmon Resort in Neah Bay at, 1-800- 959-2374 or {360} 645-2374

Honorable mention goes to Homer for their season long $10,000 halibut derby. Catch the biggest fish or a specially tagged butt and you could win, butt good. 

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